Reliable infrastructure even during hurricane

  • Design and verification of microwave antennas for radio-link communication
  • Able to operate in hurricane and to survive wind loads of up to double that present in hurricanes
  • Many different size and types
  • Critical part of public infrastructure 
  • Client: Nera Telecommuniation AS

Cutting-edge military support in maritime environments

  • Design of radar hardware for anti-aircraft artillery on the Norwegian frigates
  • Designed to operate under high dynamic loads, harsh marine environments, and with great precision
  • Compliance with MIL.spec.
  • Client: Nera Telcommunication AS / Kongsberg Defence

Facilitating operations, monitoring, and exploration up to 6 kilometers below the waterline 

  • Design of Oil-filled, pressure compensated actuators and motors 
  • Design of Enclosures for electronics, switches, camera, monitoring systems, batteries
  • Up to 6000 m water depths
  • Optimized for long or short life in service
  • Clients: Miscellaneous

New inline mixer that reduces the corrosion rate in pipelines 

  • Design and qualification to ASME B31.3
  • Manufacturing process: HIP (Hot isostatic pressing)
  • Material: Super Duplex
  • Client: Framo Engineering AS

Innovative Communications Center that ensures UN Forces stay connected from anywhere.

  • Mobile satellite-based communication station for the UN Forces, enabling receiving and sending data, speak and video 
  • High level of protection from vibrations, g-forces, impact load, temperature and fire.
  • Partnership with Eurocom AS

Innovative water meter that minimizes water wastage 

  • Concept development and design of innovative Water Meter 
  • For private household
  • Easy to use
  • Client: Optimum Design And Technology AS

Compact in size, yet capable of handling heavy lifting 

  • Foldable hydraulic lifting tool
  • Large lifting height
  • Smart and compact solution
  • Qualified for 120KN lifting load
  • Client:  Siem Wis As

A remotely controlled crawler inspects pipelines to detect leaks and prevent environmental pollution.

  • The first crawler in the world that manages to pass pipe bends
  • Enable pipe inspection at long distance 
  • Remotely controlled from land.  
  • Client: AGR AS

A satellite antenna tracking system keeps us connected to the outside world 24/7." 

  • Design of heavy duty tracking system for satellite antennas
  • Designed to run 24/7 the next 20 years.
  • Withstands dynamics load up to 120 KN
  • Client: Telenor AS

The antenna enables satellite communication

  • High performance at low cost
  • Designed for manufacture and assembly
  • Mass production
  • Patented

Troll Research Station Antarctica 

  • Engineering of electronic shelter and satellite station
  • Extreme environment
  • Reliable solutions 
  • Client; Eurocom Satelite Systems AS 

Subsea umbilical reel

  • To store and deploy  electrical/fibre umbilical
  • Design in accordance with DNV rules
  • Automatic synchronized spooling system
  • Client; FMC

Sturdy electronic enclosure 

  • Injection moulded aluminium and vacuum formed thermoplastics
  • Client : Tsat AS

Functional and modern operating console for ships

  • Design of the ship bridge on KV SVALBARD, a Norwegain Cost Guard vessel 
  • Brilliant sheet metal solutions
  • Client: Electronicon AS

New fresh facade for the Norwegian Post Office 

  • Large production series
  • Cost- effective manufacturing and assembly
  • Client: Norwegian Post office

Electronic equipment at ultra deep- water 

  • Designed for 6000 m water- depth
  • Dual and metal to metal sealing
  • Solutions for long and short life in service subsea availible 
  • Clients:  Miscellaneous

Landing platform

  • Structural design and verification of landing platform
  • Cost- optimized design
  • Capasity: 24 KN 
  • Client: As Maskin

Millitary equipment

  • Innovative concept development
  • User- friendly solution
  • Client: Mikromeknikk AS/Norwegian Navy